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Titre : Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation: From Transition Metal Catalysis to Base-Promoted Homolytic Aromatic Substitution.
Titre : Molecular Characterization of the Contribution of Autophagy to Antigen Presentation Using Quantitative Proteomics.
Titre : Membrane Proteomics: Surface Markers & Horizontal Signaling.
Titre : Target-Inspired Radical Methodology Development.
Titre : Exploring Chemoselectivity Through Natural Product Total Synthesis.
Titre : Synthesis of Conformationally-Controlled Polycycles for Use as Enzyme Inhibitor Scaffolds: a Case Study in the Engineering of Novel Sialidase...
Titre : Cross-linkable Semiconductors - from the Initial Idea towards Application in Large-area Organic Electronics.
Titre : Organic Memory Elements.
Titre : Plasmonic Nanosystems: New Tools for Early Diagnostics and Therapy.
Titre : Liquides ioniques utilisant un anion redox pour la protection des piles au lithium-ion.