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Work Health and Safety Division

Illustration: Work Health and Safety


In order to support the mission of the University in achieving its objectives by providing a quality environment for all persons who work or study there, Work Health and Safety Division has the primary mandate to remove at source if possible dangers to health, safety and physical integrity of the staff and students. As part of laboratory activities, the main actions are:

  1. Ensure compliance of the application of laws, regulations, standards and institutional policies on hazardous materials management (radiation protection, bio, chemical risk management, safety laser);

  2. Develop and disseminate training programs for staff and research students on laboratory safety issues and management of hazardous materials;

  3. Provide expertise in the development of experimental protocols during construction / renovation of laboratories and for environmental protection;

  4. Ensure support activities such as achieving the collection of hazardous waste;

  5. Plan an emergency response involving hazardous materials.

    Composition of the hazardous materials management team



Work Health and Safety Agreement

Work Health and safety agreement as adopted in Departmental Assembly in May 2016

Following the Departmental Assembly held in May 2016, members of the Assembly have agreed that any person working in the laboratories of the department must follow a preliminary training to that offered by the Work Health and Safety Division to obtain a basic knowledge enabling them to work safely in the laboratory. This training and examination to be completed later are under the supervision of the Research Director or the head of the laboratory where the researcher will work.

The preliminary training in Work Health and Safety does not replace the standard training.


“The abridged safety training and laboratory regulations are available at CHM0000.''