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Research internships


Milestone university courses, internships give students the opportunity to acquire new skills, refine their career choice and improve their employability.
The Department of Chemistry offers annual internships to undergraduate students in its research laboratories over the summer. These paid internships are offered to students of the Chemistry Department of the University of Montreal as well as those of other universities. This is a great opportunity to learn about the high-level research and to prepare for graduate studies in chemistry.

Supervisor Number of trainees Research interest
Antonella Badia 2 Surface chemistry and interfaces
Samy Cecioni 1 Organic Chemistry
André Charette 2 Organic Synthesis
Shawn Collins 2 Organic Synthesis
Michael Dollé 1 Inorganic Synthesis/Solid State Chemistry
Suzanne Giasson 1 Surface and Polymer Chemistry
Garry Hanan 2 Inorganic Synthesis and Supramolecular
Stephen Hanessian 2 Organic Synthesis/Medicinal Chemistry
Patrick Hayes 2 Atmospheric Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry
Radu Iftimie 2 Computational Chemistry
Nikolay Kornienko 2 Renewable energy materials
Audrey Laventure 2 3D printing polymer materials
Hélène Lebel 1 Organic Synthesis
William Lubell 2 Organic Synthesis/Medicinal Chemistry
Richard Martel 1 Nanostructures and Electrical Conducting Interfaces
Jean-François Masson 2 Analytical Chemistry
Christian Pellerin 0 Material Characterization
Joelle Pelletier 2 Protein Engineering
Robert Prud'homme 1 Polymer Sciences
Christian Reber 1 Inorganic Chemistry
Dominic Rochefort 2 Electrochemistry of Ionic Liquids
Sébastien Sauvé 2 Emerging contaminants
Frank Schaper 1 Inorganic Catalysis/Biodegradable Polymer
Andreea Schmitzer 1 Supramolecular and Bioorganic Chemistry
Will Skene 2 Synthesis and Characterization of Conjugated Materials
Pierre Thibault1 Bioanaltytics Chemistry and proteomics
Alexis Vallée-Bélisle1 Biosensors and DNA-based nanomachines
Kevin Wilkinson 2 Environmental Chemistry/Analytical Chemistry
James Wuest 2 Organic Chemistry and Molecular materials
Davit Zargarian 0 Inorganic Synthesis/Organometallic and Homogeneous Catalysis
Julian Zhu 2 Polymer Sciences

Excellent academic record

Students with an excellent academic record can apply for a scholarship.

Funding available

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards

Every summer, a dozen undergraduate students of the Department receive a grant of $4,500 from NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) which is enhanced by the placement supervisor. These awards are intended to arouse the interest of students with regard to research in the natural sciences and engineering. They also aim to encourage them to undertake graduate studies and pursue a research career in these fields. If you want to gain academic research work experience that complements your studies, these scholarships can help you do financially.

Minimum average: 3.7 / 4.3
Internal limit date: early February 2015

See the NSERC website for complete terms and conditions.

CGCC Scholarship Supplements

One mandate of the FRQNT Centre in Green Chemistry and Catalysis (CGCC) is to support the training of students early at the undergraduate level. Towards that end, the Centre contributes each year to the partial remuneration of students who would like to have their first introduction to academic research. These scholarships, with a value of $3,000, are available to support only B.Sc. students who are involved in projects related to at least one of the 7 research axes of the CGCC.

Competition usually opens around February. The candidacies are evaluated by the CGCC Scientific Management Committee, and results are communicated shortly after.

If your supervisor is a CGCC member,* he/she can nominate you by sending the following information to Marie Laferrière, CGCC Scientific Coordinator:

  1. Student's name/research group
  2. Transcript of grades
  3. Student's curriculum vitæ
  4. Title of project


* UdeM Professors who are CGCC members are:

CSACS Scholarships

The FRQNT Centre for Self-Assembled Chemical Structures (CSACS) offers each year several undergraduate summer scholarships of approximately $4,000 to encourage students to undertake a joint research internship in the laboratories of its member professors. The purpose of the program is to expose undergraduate students to a broad range of skills required for the synthesis and characterization of complex structures formed by self-assembly as well as an opportunity to participate in a collaborative research effort.

CSACS provides a stimulating research environment as well as first-class technological facilities. Research themes include polymer self-assembly (micelles, multilayer films), supramolecular complexes, liquid crystalline materials, self-assembled monolayers and biomembranes.

The deadline for the next competition will be on February 15, 2015. Successful candidates will be contacted at the beginning of March.

If your supervisor is a CSACS member,* he/she can nominate you by filling the summer internship application form and sending it to Petr Fiurasek, CSACS Scientific Coordinator:

Eligibility Requirements

  1. To be currently enrolled in an undergraduate major in Chemistry, Physics or Chemical Engineering
  2. To have a solid academic record (min. 3.0/4.0 GPA)
  3. To select at least 2 CSACS members

* UdeM Professors who are CSACS members are:

CREATE-CFS Scholarships

The  NSERC CREATE Program in Continuous Flow Science (CFS) aims to create a generation of students possessing a novel mindset derived from exposure to a blend of chemistry and chemical engineering through courses, laboratories, workshops and internships in CFS. As undergraduate students have an actual potential to pursue their education at the graduate level, it is necessary to expose them very early on in their career to this emerging technology. That is why, part of the CREATE funds is dedicated to offer several scholarships of $4,000 to undergraduate students who are willing to work during the summer on a CFS-related project under the supervision of one CREATE professor.*

These special internships allow selected candidates to acquire hands-on training in different ways. By using the on-site infrastructure at UdeM, they can contribute to the advancement of ongoing academic projects or study industrial-relevant problems encountered by collaborating companies (Delmar, OmegaChem, Merck, Magnus Chemicals, Paraza Pharma), or, again, be part of a national or international renowned academic laboratory (MIT, Cambridge, Université Laval, UQAM, Université de Sherbrooke, University of Ottawa, Concordia University) to study the latest breakthrough discoveries in CFS.

The allocation of the CREATE-CFS funds is based on an internal competition (usually towards the month of February) to ensure that the most deserving and talented students are supported by the program. For various terms and conditions as well as deadlines, please contact future research supervisor or Vanessa Kairouz, CREATE Scientific Coordinator.

* UdeM Professors who are CREATE-CFS members are:

Funding from the supervisor

Applicants who do not qualify for a scholarship will still have the opportunity to get a scholarship from the faculty research funds (variable amount).